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Pet’s Skill

Special skill means pet using special skills to attack the enemy in fighting, which can be acquired through relevant mission or challenging the skygate.

Continuous hit: Pet attacks the enemy continuously, the times of attack vary according to the skill level. Your marching pet can learn this skill from Friendpass 60.

Hypnosis attack: With TrainingBook, you can learn this skill from LittleRed in Sandcity PetStore. The opponent will lose the chance of fighting for three rounds, and there’s a certain target hitting percentage. The effect can be undone using normal attack by the human, or the pet.

Poison attack: After being hit by the poison attack, the opponent will lose some hitpoint every round, the effect will continue for three rounds. This skill is not open currently.

Confusing: After being confused, the opponent will attack both the enemy and friend at random choice. This skill is not open currently.

Protect master: Once you use this skill on pet, it will use its own body to ward off any attack toward its master. Your marching pet can learn this skill from Friendpass 50.

Play Possum: After using this skill, the chance the pet will get hit by the enemy is significantly reduced, and the master will have a chance to heal the pet. Your marching pet can learn this skill from Friendpass 40.

Suicide Attack: After using this skill, the pet will use all its remaining strength to give the enemy maximum damage. In this case, the damage will be calculated in a new way instead of the original one: The remaining life points are multiplied by an attacking quotient. This skill is not available currently.

When the pet’s attributes are restrained by the enemy or encounter a pet or character with high defense, and your pet has low growth-rate but more life points, using this skill will put you in a position of advantage. Be assured, a positive and brave action like this one won’t reduce your pet’s growth rate after the fighting.

Learning: After using this skill, pet will learn from its kind ( same type, same color all means same kind ), make its attribute increase to certain percentage of its learning model. Imaging a pet with 4.0 growth rate crap pet learn from an enemy pet with 28 growth rate, making its attribute skyrocketing to more than 20, what a fight it’s gonna be…… Your marching pet can learn this skill from Friendpass 99.

Sneak attack: Pretending to attack the master of the opposing side with the true target being the pet, if it works, the defense of the enemy pet won’t be calculated, if not, the pet will be hit by the enemy master and pet together. Your marching pet can learn this skill from Skypass 99.

Using your high-speed pet with this skill to attack the enemy pet with high-defense, if it works, of course the result doesn’t need to be described, but if the target is already stunt by your friend, then change your target to the master for real, it’s also a good deal.

Sacrifice: Pet using this skill will spend all its remaining hitpoint to revive the stunt pet on the same side, the hitpoints recharge equal the original hitpoints multiply a quotiety bigger than one.
Using a pet with high defense and hitpoints to revive the life of a pet with high growth rate. This skill is not available currently.

Distraction: This skill is more direct, when it performs successfully, your pet will talk the opposing pet into leaving the field together. In that case, if the enemy pet has a high growth-rate, it would be a huge fighting-power loss for your opponent. But if it doesn’t work and your pet leave the fighting, you will have to fight both the enemy master and pet together all by yourself. This skill is not available currently.

Time shuttle: If you choose for couple reborn, your cindyfly will learn this skill. It has the same objective as the previous one, when performing this skill on the enemy pet successfully, both your own and the target will become pet of first level, but if it fails, only your part will be first level. Be assured, it will return to previous level after fighting, and the enemy can not catch your pet in fighting.

Absorbing: By name, it means turning some of the hitpoints lost by your enemy into your own hitpoints. But the effect will disappear after the fighting. Your marching pet can learn this skill from Friendpass 70.

Assault: It can raise your attacking ability temporarily, but the price is that you will be attacked by the enemy first. This skill is not available currently.

Caution: Lowering your attack temporarily to strengthen your defense. You can get it by putting the Turtleshell(main) in 12 clock, Crableg in 11 clock, Ivory in 7 clock, MermaidTear in 3 clock, PhoenixFeather in 9 clock, DragonSquama in 5 clock.

Precise: With the PetGuide[Fine] gained from the Friend hidden pass 55, you can learn the Precise skill from ArrowUniverse in the Friend hidden pass 63. This skill is to Increase your accuracy at the expense of losing some attacking effect.

PS: The max skill your pet can learn is 5. Your marching pet can’t learn more, or you will be sent out directly.