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Quest: Joyful Armour and Traceless Fist

 Joyful Armour and Traceless Fist
Client: Drifter Feng

Location: Hill City(30.33), Water City(53.112), Tree City(84.100), Sand City(22.69) or Snow City(42.67)

Requirement:  Find a Hunting Drug

Reward: Joyful Armour

Restriction: None

Repeatable: Yes


Feng would like to perform the super re-allotment skill, but he lacks the required ingredients. There are two possible ingredients that he wants, and promises to give the adventurer who gives him the ingredients a reward of either an armour or kung fu skill that he has developed during his training. Since Feng is training, he constantly journeys between cities, so it’s difficult to find him as he never sticks around for very long.