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Pet evolving interface

There are evolvable and unevolvable pets, and evolving pets can be further divided into first-evolving pet ( Puppy Choncon ), second-evolving pet ( like Sun Dog ), third level evolving Evil wolf ) and ultimate evolvement pet ( Fire Demon ).

Second, third evolving pet comes from the corresponding first, second evolving pet, the evolving condition are 500 level, 100 loyalty.

And the ultimate pet comes from complicated composing: it comes from two 1000 level, third evolving pets which comes from two times of evolving. For detailed info, refer to Pet Evolving Guide .

Choose the suitable pets in Pet attributes interface. Click “Pet Evolving” and the “Pet Evolving Interface” will pop out. 

Pet evolving interface 1

You can see what the pet looks like before and after evolving. 

Pet evolving interface 2

Click on OK, your pet will evolve to the next stage and take on a brand new look.

Interface will remind you there might be certain variations during the process of evolving, result in the same attribute pet but with different colors. If you don’t want these variations occur, choose the map with the same attribute as pet to evolvement..