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Quest: The Treasure Crypt

The Treasure Crypt
Client: Geographer Wang

Location: Hill City (60,32)

Requirement: Ostrigon

Reward: Yellow Box Key

Repeatable: Yes


Geographer Wang has always been interested by the mysterious Treasure Crypt that appears below Water City. Nobody really knows how it came to be there, however every hour of every day a mysterious beast known as Firebat appears below the Water City Inn and offers adventurers entry into the Treasure Crypt. After a lot of heavy research, Wang finally discovered that the Ostrigons have a hidden power to track down Yellow Box Keys which can be used inside the Treasure Crypt to open chests.. Wang will ask you if you can return an Ostrigon to him, in exchange you’ll receive a Yellow Box Key.

Note: Every hour, you’ll see a system message announcing a flashing light that is resonating from the Water City Inn. This is telling you that the Treasure Crypt entrance has opened. To explore the Treasure Crypt, head to the Water City Inn and then speak to the Inn Lady. She will send you below the inn. Look for the red Fire Bat and he’ll send you to the Crypt. You’ll have to wait roughly 5 minutes, then treasure chests will appear. You can use your Yellow Box Key to open the treasure chests here for small prizes. Or even better, you can fight the Peliwhites in this area and eventually you’ll gain a Brown Box Key which can be used to obtain even better prizes!