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Pet Status

Pet status

The pet is the second main character in M&M. The player must be familiar with its attributes if he / she wants to become a more experienced player. 

Pet list: There’s space for five pets on the list, which is also the maximum a player can carry at a time. There’re two states for a pet: resting and marching state. You can choose a pet on the list and change its state. Marching state means the pet has been chosen to be marching as it will follow its owner into a battle or for other activities (like hitpoint recharging or disguise). Only one pet can be set into an marching state at a time while the resting pets are not going to follow their owner into any activities. 
After choosing one pet, you can see its essential information under the “Detailed information about the pet” section. 

Pet status

Picture: represents the appearance of the pet you have chosen.

Name: Choose a good name for your pet. It can be changed at any time.

Life: That is the health of the selected pet. In front of the slash is the pet’s current life and behind it is it’s maximum health. When health drops to 0 the pet is stunned. If the pet is stunned too many times it will affect its growth rate. Remember that.

Experience: shows the current experience points and requirement to upgrade the pet to next level (They’re separated by a slash). Experience will be gained through continuous fighting. When the current experience reaches the experience needed, the pet’s level will increase.

Experience points needed to make a level with pet are lower compared to player.

Loyalty: Means how faithful the pet is to its owner. When a player first enters the game, system will grant his pet with 100 points of loyalty. However the loyalty of pets caught on the field will be between 60-100 depending on the experience of the catcher.

Every five levels a player or pet makes, pet’s loyalty will increase by one point.

The loyalty of the pet has a certain effect on its growth. If the pet was traded too many times with other players or if it was stunned too many times by monsters, and the pet’s loyalty drops below a certain point, it will run away from its owner.

When a pet’s loyalty reaches 100, it allows its owner to change into its appearance. Access Disguise skill under Advanced command.

The five attributes of the pet: Every pet has its attribute where it can be Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth.

Use the relationship between the five attributes flexibly when catching pets and fighting.

Composing and refining the pet also have close relationship with the nature of the five attributes.

Change Name: Change the pet’s name by entering a new name and then clicking on the Change Name button.

Evolution: evolvable pet may evolve into its next form using this button. Doing so will also increase its growth rate.

Pet’s Skill: Pet’s skills are like player’s and it may use them when fighting monsters. Refer to pet skill section for more details.

Equip: Pets can use equipment to strengthen its attributes. The equipment is limited to adornments and headwear (buy them at the Antique Shop or acquire them through refining an item).

Un-equip: Click this button to un-equip an item from the pet.

Pet Catalogue: For detailed info refer to Pet Catalogue section.

Attack: Shows what the attacking ability of the pet is. If a pet has higher attacking ability then it can inflict higher damage to the enemy.

Defense: Determines the defensive ability of the pet. Pet with better defensive ability is less likely to get stunned or defeated.

Dexterity: Represents pet’s speed and flexibility. The higher the speed a pet possesses, the easier it can evade enemy’s attack. It also decides whether a player and his/her pet or any other team members can attack together. When they attack together, it is less likely the monster will be able to dodge the attack while all the attackers will also share the experience points together with prize money.

Pet’s ID No.: Every pet has a unique ID number. Remember it, so that if you happen to lose the pet, you can provide the GM with the number for easy searching.

Medal: There are three kinds of medals: Medal of Bravery (one medal will increase 5% of the pet’s attack), Medal of Calmness (one medal will increase 5% of the pet’s defense) and Medal of Speed (one medal will increase 5% of the pet’s speed).

Generation: Every pet can be composed a maximum of three times thus resulting in a third-generation pet. Refer to Pet Composing Guide for detailed information.

Evaluation: This button evaluates the pet for a price you will get for it in the pet store. You can use the price to see how well you raise the pet.

Drop: When your pet list is full and you need space for more pets, choose one of the pets you don’t need anymore and click on the Drop button to desert the pet or you can deposit the pet you no longer want at a pet storage facility found in all major towns.