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Quest: Love’s Necklace

Love’s Necklace
Client: Miss Sweet

Location: Moon Valley (28, 40)

Requirement:  Deliver a coat and pass messages between the couple.

Reward: Love Necklace (Dexterity +30 with no level restrictions)

Restriction: Females Only

Repeatable: Yes


Miss Sweet has been missing her boyfriend terribly, he’s currently away in the North Lands searching for precious medicines to help Miss Sweet’s grandmother. Being a caring person, Miss Sweet is concerned for her boyfriend, Maple’s well being and has made a Warm Coat for him. She is looking for someone to deliver the coat to Maple who’s somewhere in the cold North-lands. 

Note: Mr. Maple only appears during 20:00 – 21:00 (PST) due to the harsh storms in the north.