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Quest: Learn to Steal

Quest Learn to Steal
Client: Quick Hand Wang

Location: Beside the Casino of Water City, Central Plains.

Requirement:  Level 7 Cindyfly.

Reward: Learn thievery skill, raise thievery skill.

Restriction: None.

Repeatable: Yes.


Wang believes that a successful thief should be quick to act, one of the preferred methods for testing your reflexes is catching butterflies. Wang wants you to bring him back level 7 Cindyflies. If you can bring him back a Cindyfly for the first time he will teach you the skill of thievery. For every level 7 Cindyfly that you bring him thereafter you will earn 20 extra thievery points.


You’ll need to meet the following requirements to use steal against another player:

  • Full MP and HP.
  • You must be in the Martial Circle.
  • Your opponent must be in the Martial Circle
  • Your opponent must have cash in their pocket or it will always fail. 

There are certain situations when the steal skill can be used against an NPC.