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Quest: Drunken Kungfu

Drunken Kungfu
Client: Drifter Feng

Location: Travels between cities.

Requirement:  Obtain Joyful Armour, from the Joyful Armour Quest and find befuddling wine.

Reward: Drunken Kungfu

Restriction: Kung Fu use: 1000 Attack points + 2000 Mana points.

Repeatable: Yes.


An old drunken man constantly wanders around the desert, looking for wines to drink. However, despite is constant state of being drunk, he knows a powerful Kung Fu which would be highly useful to any adventurer. However, he’ll only teach you the Kung Fu if you can bring him some wine.


1) The Fisherman at Eastern Dock has the required wine, but he won’t talk about it unless he sees you with the Drunken Sword.

2) It’s rumoured that Drifter Feng may give the Drunken Sword if you return a Joyful Armour to him.