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(Closed Testing) Client Patch 1.0.17


  • Player see-through effect rendered in the wrong location on some maps.
  • You could teleport to odd coordinates by clicking to walk on portals when already walking to a portal.
  • Refactored sprite frame rates (yet again) somewhat dialing in sprite animation speeds.
  • Tweaked player see-through visibility to be slightly more solid
  • Prompt messages did not display any text
  • Items now show a cap of level 1,000,000


  • Item stat formatting now includes commas.
  • Battle ‘travel time’ tweaked to be faster, generally speeding up battles.
  • Aura timers randomized so that everyone is not synchronized
  • NPCs now have a thought bubble effect when clicked

(Closed Testing) Client Patch 1.0.16


  • Objects on maps now render in order of depth perspective
  • Character is ‘see-through’ when behind an object or player


  • Player emotes are now handled. You can see emote changes.
  • Auras play every 7 seconds based on player rank.
  • Added a loop timer feature to the sprite class. The sprite will auto reset when the timer expires.
  • NPC Nameplates now have a background, making them much easier to read.
  • NPCs now turn to face the player when you talk to them.


  • Teams
    • Create, Join, Leave, Disband
    • Floating star indicates team leader
    • Locked movement to direction change unless team leader, then only walk.

(Closed Testing) Client Patch 1.0.15

Major Changes

  • Main UI Rework!
    • Player and Pet Frame now show life/mana/exp, and level.
    • Chat reredesigned. It is now collapsible and moveable as well.
    • Menu buttons redesigned and can be hidden.


  • Buttons should not be clickable when hidden
  • Tweaks to Battle flow
  • Event handling for other players on maps.

Game Patch 10021

We have three key updates with this patch.

1) Three Sultans Quest

A big thank you to Ruby[PM] who developed this new quest for us. It features History, Mystery, and is a bit Glittery! Travel to the great Sand City and find Abdul Ghaffar to begin the escapade. This quest introduces a special evolution for Lionking dubbed ‘Maahes’, marking the first time you can evolve an unevolvable (and still be unevolvable! huh!?)

2) New Crysbaby variant, Saphibaby!

We have introduced a new variant to Crysbaby called Saphibaby, a deep purple sapphire monster. This new pet is accessible only from the Treasure Room of Friends Pass. Speak to the Sword of Heaven to take on the challenge. Warning, it is NOT easy, and comes with a severe punishment should you fail!

3) Moody gift pack

We know not everyone can get Saphibaby currently, so we (Ruby[PM]) have created a special thank you monster pack called the Moody Pack. You will get a random Moody monster when you open it. We will be delivering this pack to everyone via claim award feature shortly. Thank you again! Please enjoy the update!

(Closed Testing) Client Patch 1.0.11

Major Fix

  • There were many odd and inconsistent rendering issues caused by hardware accelerated rendering. This has been disabled, and we now use software rendering, which ironically is significantly faster.


  • Compatibility for Unicode in strings (such as ※ from items)
  • Inventory would crash for PMs with TQPig look (woops)
  • Inventory prompts did not have a ‘Cancel’ option
  • Some maps would crash if they could not properly load certain assets.
  • You can no longer trigger a battle while changing maps
  • Pet info only added new pets, and did not update existing pets


  • Refactored attribute packet class as UserPoint and created a UserAttribute class.
  • Guage set can now automatically apply a directional shift based on difference of new/current values.


  • ListBox Widget – show a list of items which can be scrollable and clickable
  • Shop Form created
    • View Shop Inventory
    • Buy and Sell Items
    • Double click to buy or sell
  • Shop and Item data file implementations
  • Healing at a nurse now updates your pet appropriately.
  • Remove pet action is now implemented

(Closed Testing) Client Patch 1.0.10


  • You can no longer open certain windows while in battle (character, pet, inventory).
  • Fixed a petlist crash that would try to load a nonexistent pet.
  • Map clicks reload coordinates before jumping to prevent jumping to invalid coordinates during map change via npc/action.
  • Character Form level and rank have been split onto separate lines.
  • Your pet can no longer make an action if it is KOed in battle.


  • Base attributes have been renamed! They are now: Vitality, Spirit, Strength, Physique, Speed. Derived attributes are unchanged.
  • Player Attribute packet now updates player values in many cases.
  • Player and Pet Life gauges now update when taking damage in battle.
  • Post Battle stats now update after the conclusion of the battle.
  • Player Levelup now updates player exp gauge and attribute point appropriately.
  • Pet Levelup now updates pet info and gauges.

(Closed Testing) Client Patch 1.0.09


  • Disconnect now returns you to login and no longer freezes or crashes the client
  • Widgets reload their assets on Target Reset
  • Panel lower boundings now properly draw
  • Numeric Fields did not revert to ‘0’ when empty, which caused issues with Getters
  • Field/Dropdown did not fire change event before losing focus, (Character attributes did not seem to always update when clicking Apply)
  • You can no longer jump to invalid coordinates by clicking quickly during map change
  • Restructured NPC class as a derivative of Entity, and moved associated events into NPC class
  • Sometimes clicking UI elements would result in the character walking/jumping


  • NPCs now display their nameplates on mouseover
  • Pet Form:
    • You can change viewed pet by clicking the portrait.
    • Pet generations properly fills now.
    • You can change marching pets. Main UI gauges update accordingly.
    • You can drop pets that are not marching.
    • You can rename your pet
  • Inventory Form
    • View your inventory and Equipment
    • Use / PetUse / Equip / Unequip / Drop