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Quest: Eight-Diagram Tactics

 Eight-Diagram Tactics
Client: The Conductor

Location: Hua Mountain Fall

Requirement: Kill the monsters and collect the tactic tokens.

Reward: Red Squama (Attack + 500, Defense + 200, Dexterity + 600, Life + 500, Mana + 1000) or money.

Repeatable: Yes


The Conductor sends eager players off an adventure into the Eight-Diagram-Tactic dungeon. There are 8 areas in the tactic dungeon, these are: Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Disturbed, Prosperous, Ghost, Death and Life.

You will be firstly sent to the Peace Tactic where you’ll find two generals; one of them by the statues will send you off to the different tactics to collect the required token.

When you enter the tactic, you must kill the monsters there to collect the tokens representing the current tactic area that you’re located in. Once you’ve collected all four of the tokens you must bring them to the other general by entrance.

After you have collected all of the required tokens you can speak to the general by the entrance and you’ll be sent to claim your reward from the Life Tactic. You’ll find a treasure chest there; open the chest to reveal what’s in store for you this time…. 

If you die; you’ll be sent to the Death Tactic, you’ll have to collect four tokens from different areas and give them to the general here to continue the mission and be sent randomly to another area.